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The Confederacy of Independ Endeavour is a Confederation founded in 2017, we are basically a group of small and medium sized technology companies based in the Albania. Our vision is to improve the quality of connectivity around the world and to human beings, leaving aside the great monopoly of large companies. With deep experience in IoT, telecommunications, analytics and statistics reporting, we are expanding a global presence to support customers around the world as IoT markets continue to grow.

Confederacy Of Independent Endeavour Ltd.


With the advancement of IoT/5G solutions that are critical to business, mission and life, compromises on the quality of connectivity provided are a necessity. Quality of service (QoS) service level commitments are now an essential aspect of any premium connectivity service offered to customers. From a support perspective, it is essential to be able to very quickly and specifically recognize customer connectivity issues. Quick recognition, quick response and quick resolution are essential. For mission-critical IoT applications, proactively detecting issues before they occur is of paramount importance.

(CIE) is a company that captures the service experience received by customers and devices as opposed to the perception of service delivered by CSPs and the IoT solution provider. This approach removes any subjectivity and ensures alignment between CSPs and customers. Achieving this alignment can be further complicated by the fact that many CSPs and IoT solution providers offer global connectivity solutions that introduce additional logistical challenges to achieving this alignment. As Endeavor specializes in IoT/5G Service Assurance, our state-of-the-art nSpire solutions can be offered to customers as a Value-Added Service to ensure customers can trust their mission-critical business processes, procedures, systems and processes. it’s life. solutions.

Today we have customers in North and South America, Europe, and Africa our focus customers are IoT connectivity providers, IoT service providers, IoT OEMs, CSPs, MNOs and MVNOs.

We are known for the quality of our nSpire products, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism. We will be delighted to hear from you, get in touch to learn more about our team, our company and our solutions.


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IoMT Healthcare

Today, our healthcare systems around the world are focused on a reactive sick care approach. The next generation will be focused on the person and creating a proactive, preventative and predictive care plan. The internet of things is paving the way for healthcare applications to create a connected medical environment, enable patient monitoring and improve systems. From virtual doctor consultations to predicting asthma attacks, the internet of things is transforming the landscape in delivering healthcare. IoT will be the driving force behind the next generation health frontier driving a decentralised and dephysicalised approach.

Key Benefits

> Reduced hospital waiting time for patient

>Reduced number of patient hospitalisations

>Improved quality of life for patient

>Increased opportunity for care in patient’s own home

>Increased information for patient about their personal health

>Fuller picture around patient’s overall wellbeing

>Reduced wastage of financial, staffing and other healthcare resources

>More efficient use of medical systems

>Faster and more effective patient treatment

>Increased availability of information to support public health campaigns

>Analytics and Analysis Report make the healthcare business run efficient



A new generation of private LTE/5G networks is emerging to address critical wireless communication requirements in public safety, industrial operations and critical infrastructure.

In contrast to a network that offers mobile network services to the general public, an LTE/5G non-public network (NPN) provides LTE/5G network services to a clearly defined user organisation or group of organisations. It is effectively network as a service. The LTE/5G non-public network (NPN) is deployed on the organisation’s defined premises.

Utilities, business, healthcare and governments are embracing LTE/5G private networks. Private networks are the ideal solution for both business and mission critical applications. Quality of Connectivity SLAs are a critical aspect of delivering a premium service to customers.

IoMT Market Opportunity

Market research and Analysis Reports shows that by 2035 the size of the global IoMT Healthcare market is expected to hit $598.3 billion per year, according to ReportLinker. Clearly this market has tremendous growth potential where connectivity is at the core and in many instances, there will be life critical IoT Applications. Considering this criticality, high Quality of Service (QoS) is an essential aspect of this IoT sector.  



Critical capabilities are network features and services that are necessary to serve mission critical or business critical use cases. Mission critical functions are vital to an organization’s or society’s operation, such as public safety services and utilities. On the other hand, for a company to be successful, business critical functions like production and sales are essential. Key use cases currently being explored include:

-Factory-floor automation and flexibility

-Real-time situation awareness solutions (including sensors, HD video surveillance and massive diagnosis data upload)

-Preventive maintenance

-Workforce management

-Machine utilization optimization

-Risk management (safety area management)

-Remote asset control (sensor monitoring)

-Worker health and safety (with AR/VR or push-to-talk voice)

These use cases require high network performance levels, together with data management capacity, reliability, quality of service, latency, security and flexible coverage. Business critical cellular connectivity solutions are well suited in providing the different characteristics necessary for these use cases.

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Industries Embracing LTE/5G Private Network

Private IoT networks based on LTE/5G IoT standards are rapidly gaining momentum as they offer secure, reliable, scalable and cost effective IoT solutions. Specifically, purpose-built private LTE/5G IoT networks over dedicated licensed spectrum have strategic, economic and security benefits that are driving adoption.

Private networks are sought after by business, mission and life critical domains. These market segments provide the greatest opportunity for private networks:

Confederancy of Indepent Endeavour connects technologies with analysis reports and big data analysis, we believe on the future are togheter.


There has been an enormous growth in the field of Big Data analytics with the benefits of the technology. This has led to the use of big data in multiple industries ranging from

  • Banking

  • Healthcare

  • Energy

  • Technology

  • Consumer

  • Manufacturing

There are many other industries which use big data analytics and analytics reports. Banking and Healthcare is seen as the field making the maximum use of Big Data Analytics and Analysis Reports.


The importance of Analistic Report and big data analytics leads to intense competition and increased demand for big data professionals and the reports. Data Science and Analytics is an evolving field with huge potential. Data analytics help in analyzing the value chain of business and gain insights. The use of analytics can enhance the industry knowledge of the analysts. Data analytics experts provide the organizations a chance to learn about the opportunities for the business. There are huge requirements and significance of big data analytics in different fields and industries. Hence, it becomes essential for a professional to keep oneself abreast of these techniques. At the same time, the companies can gain a lot by using these analytics tools correctly.

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